Justin Bieber Claims Activating His Instagram Was An Accident

So earlier today I posted about how Bieber was making his big comeback on Instagram, looks like I was wrong. Well I was half wrong. He did in fact activate it again, but he claims that it was it was an accident. Maybe he was just feeling left out because he wasn’t at the VMAs and wanted some attention back on him.

Sorry Beliebers, your boy still isn’t back on the app and just reactivated his account to tease you.

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Even Taylor Swift Gets Jury Duty

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/TracysActivism

Stars, they’re just like us, right?

Last night everyone was wondering if Taylor Swift was going to show up at the VMAs and it looks like she had some important business to take care of, some civic duty business actually. Instead of glamming it up and walking the red carpet she had to be at a courthouse bright and early!

I kind of love this, I mean I actually really love this. Everyone was convinced that she wasn’t showing up because she is afraid of Kanye West. Nope, she just had jury duty early on a Monday morning that she needed to attend.

Luckily for us, it was also like a meet and great, since Taylor took selfies with everyone and signed autographs as well. I don’t know exactly how the judicial system works but for some reason I am pretty sure that taking selfies and things of that nature aren’t allowed.S So the case is probably going to have to go into a retrial or something, I don’t know. All I know about the law is from Law & Order, which has never covered a situation like this.

Love her or hate her, she does seem to take time with her fans, even if her fans are her fellow jurors.

UPDATE: According to the woman who took the photos, these were taken while they were waiting, not while the case was happening.

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Music Monday: Happiness – Token

So Token is young rapper out of Boston, and he is about to put Boston on the map, I think that it is evident with all of his music, but his newest release “Happiness”, my jaw dropped. I love a song with a story and this is exactly what “Happiness” is. Everyone can relate to this song.

To be honest, Token has a ton of great music, this song was just released today so I thought it was perfect for Music Monday.

Check out his Facebook and Twitter. I promise you that Token has a really bright future ahead of him and we will be hearing from him for a long time coming. Remember Token is only 17 and already has this kind of insight? Pretty impressive if you ask me.

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Jake Miller Looked Incredible At The MTV VMAs!

I have had a lowkey crush on Jake Miller for a while now and I am glad that he is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Jake is a really talented artist and I believe we will be hearing a lot more from him in the future.

Let’s be real though, not only is he talented, he is a babe.

I am glad that he chose a more simple style for the white carpet too.

Right now I am going to make a prediction. Next year, he will definitely be on stage at the VMAs. Calling that now!

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Looked Stunning At The 2016 MTV VMAs!

Kailyn Lowry VMAs
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The glow up is real with this one! Even though it has been widely documented that Kailyn is dealing with a lot of shit since her divorce, she is looking incredible. I will say that Kailyn has been consistently one of my favorites on the show. She is a great mom and always puts her boys first.  Say what you will, but that is the most important thing about being a parent, kids first everything else second.

Seriously though, Kail has never looked better!

Kill it girl!

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Drake Dedicates Sweet Instagram Post To Rihanna After VMAs

Last night at the VMAs one of the big questions was, will Drake show up to support Rihanna? She obviously had a big night, performing four times and winning the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award last night. The question about Drake was answered at the end of the night though, when he showed up to give Rihanna the award.

The rumored couple.. Wait, honestly I am going to start saying the couple because I want that. I want them to just get married, make beautiful music together, and be adorable. I have wanted this for five years too, so when it happens, I think I deserve an invitation to the wedding.

During the introduction to Rihanna he also said that he has been in love with her since he was 22 years old. How adorable? Rihanna, just marry him already!

Anyway, Drake posted an adorable picture on Instagram of the two of them, congratulating Rihanna on her win. Relationship goals, am I right? Also, does this make them Instagram official? I think it does.

Rihanna and Drake, #relationshipgoals, need I say more?

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Justin Bieber Is Back On Instagram

Well Justin Beiber is back on Instgram after all of that drama that happened a few weeks back. It looks like he has decided to get back on the social media saddle because he can’t go too long without being in the news for a selfie. We all know that.

Over the weekend his rumor girlfriend Sofia Richie turned 18, so maybe now that she is legal he wants to continue to post their budding romance? Who knows, but I am still very surprised he hasn’t posted a long notepad screen shot about how bullied he is on the internet.

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Man Crush Monday: Tyler Joseph

Image result for tyler joseph 2015
photo credit

Tyler Joseph is one half of the group Twenty One Pilots, that has been absolutely taking over the airwaves since last summer. Let’s be real, these guys have had tremendous success over the past few years, and they worked hard to get there, do you have to respect it!

Tyler is the lead singer of the band and he is a total babe, am I right? I mean he is a singer, songwriter, does it get any more dreamy than that? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately for us, Tyler did recently get married to his long time girlfriend but hey, good for them! It’s always nice to see a rock star being faithful to someone, she is even joining them on tour because she helps keep him grounded. Let’s all say ‘Aw’ all at once, yeah?

I have a feeling we will be hearing from Twenty One Pilots for a long time to come and I personally can’t wait!

Happy Monday!

Image result for tyler joseph

Image result for tyler joseph

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Britney Spears Wins The 2016 MTV VMA White Carpet

God bless, that is all that I can say. This is Britney’s world and we are all just living in it.

I can’t wait for her performance and I feel like this is like 2003 all over again. Britney is on top and she is about to put on an incredible performance. Can you imagine if she makes out with Madonna again? We all know it won’t happen, but can you imagine?

Keep on slaying Brit, you just keep getting better.

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Nick Jonas Wears Interesting Outfit On The 2016 MTV VMAs White Carpet

Now, let’s be real. I love that Nick is starting to grow his hair back out and the facial hair gets me every time. I think that is a good look. His outfit though? I really have no idea what he was thinking with this outfit. I don’t know much about fashion but I know that this is a mess.

Nick, please don’t wear this jacket ever again, your face though? Your face looks great!

Can’t wait to see him perform tonight, it should be a good one!

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