Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Release Music Video For ‘Pretty Girls’!

Now I still kind of hate and kind of love this song, I can’t make my mind up on it. I mean it is a horrible song, the lyrics are horrible and that is something we can all agree on. Is it catchy though? That is really one of my biggest questions at the moment. I am trying to figure out if this song has any appeal other than it is sung by the Goddess Britney Spears. Is that enough to make this song lovable?

Let’s be real, this music video wasn’t the best either but I did see some glimpses of old Britney! That is always a good sign for me! I mean she is out there dancing, having a good time, smiling! Now it isn’t anything like the ‘Sometimes’ video but that is okay! Also Brit’s weird dance at the end? Gotta love it, it is like watching a caged animal be released.

What do you think about it?!

Adam Sandler Sings To David Letterman To Say Goodbye To The Late Show

For all you people under 20 reading this blog, Adam Sandler was once one of the funniest people alive. He had a crazy amount of hit movies, songs, and well more movies. Of course he has slowed down now, with movies like ‘The Clogger’ and ‘Grown Ups 2′ but hey, you can’t be on top forever, right? You will see soon with Kevin Hart, he will drop off the face of the earth too.

Anyway! Last night Adam Sandler sang to David Letterman since after a long 30 years he is deciding to say goodbye to late night. So, Mr. Sandler wanted to sing a few words to send David off on his retirement, and the song was gold. This is the Adam I know and love, he is absolutely hilarious.

Adam Sandler is still kind of hot right? Something about a funny dude playing a guitar that just gets to me…Yes I am aware that he is 48, whatever. Haters gon hate.

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Are Expecting Their Third Child!

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 2.46.27 PM

Sneaky Kristin always being in the news for something. Now she is pregnant for the third time! Dear God this off season was clearly busy for Jay. They are building their own football team. Was that corny? Probably, whatever I don’t care.

Kristin all I can say is keep doing whatever it is you’re doing because somehow you are still relevant. You always wanted to be famous and now you are forever. Good for you!

Miles Teller Rescues Pregnant Woman From Riptide!



Forget superpowers, Miles Teller‘s hero game is on fleek … this weekend the “Fantastic Four” star and his GF swooped in and rescued a pregnant woman caught in a potentially deadly riptide in Miami.

It’s pretty amazing … Teller and GF Keleigh Sperry‘s romantic beach day was interrupted when an extremely pregnant woman began screaming for help just offshore … without hesitation the two darted into action and tag-teamed a rescue effort that saved the woman’s life. 

Once on shore, the two made double sure the woman was alright and then parted ways.

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Well looks like Miles Teller just continues to be more perfect each and every day, right? I mean just being in amazing movies like ‘Whiplash’ and becoming one of the hottest rising actors of his time. Just very casual. Hanging out at the beach? Just going to go and save a life or two! Casual.

Really though, I love when I read stories about people helping others, usually it is about celebrities helping “ordinary” people because that is what I write about. Miles and Keleigh, that is very awesome of you to go out there and help that woman out! Very, very cool.

Now go back to frolicking in the ocean loving every minute of your lives because your beautiful, young, and rich, can’t go wrong there!

Taylor Swift Comforts Fan On Mother’s Day

So over this past weekend it was Mother’s Day which most of you are aware of. Now unfortunately not everyone is able to celebrate this day with their own mother due to them passing away, or a number of other reasons. One of Taylor’s fans reached out to her and Taylor, like always had an incredible response, check it out.



Dear Taylor,
It’s me, iced coffee girl, and I could really use a hug. Today is Mother’s Day, a day most people spend with their mothers thanking them for everything they do. But, for me, I can’t spend this day with my mom because she’s in heaven. Last January, my mom passed away and a piece of my heart left with her. My mom was my best friend, the one I laughed with, the one I cried with, and the one I loved with my whole heart. For a while, I felt empty. But as you’ve done many times before, you filled that hole. You took me out of my sad place and made me happy. And because of you, I got through something that was the hardest thing in the world for me. Today’s going to be another hard day, but I know with you on my side I can get through anything. I love you. Always, Kaileen


Kaileen- I love you so much and can’t imagine what you must be feeling today. You’ve lived through my worst fear. I’m so sorry you can’t spend today with her. It’s not fair, and there’s no reason why you should feel okay about it. No one should ever expect you to feel normal today. I admire and respect your ability to put forth such a sunny, sweet disposition when you’ve been through something so dark and tragic so recently. I never would’ve guessed by your attitude or your posts. I never would’ve known if you hadn’t told me. Sending you a huge hug today.
Gonna go get iced coffee and cheers to you. :)

So if you have kept up with my blog at all you know that I am a T.Swift fan, I fucking love her. I think that she is absolutely incredible and this is just another reason why I love her. She reaches out to her fans and actually gives a fuck. She at least acts like she gives a fuck, maybe that is the better way to put it. A lot of people say that some of her replies are from her publicist or PR person but whatever! She is clearly aware of these things that are happening and she wanted to respond to them!

Taylor you keep doing you and this is why your fans stay your fans. I promise you that if you are famous and you reach out to your fans, they will be your fans for life.

T.Swift you keep doing you girl, and I will keep buying your albums and concert tickets. Deal? Deal.

Man Crush Monday: Ian Somerhalder

So usually I give off a little paragraph rattling off about why I chose my Man Crush Monday, but let’s be real. Ian is an absolute babe. I don’t think there are many people hotter than him out there, I genuinely mean that. I mean look at this man. Dark hair, blue eyes, jawline carved by God. He also saves animals and recently married one of my favorite people ever, Nikki Reed.

Happy Monday!

Look into Ian’s eyes and your whole week will be great!

It’s Zayn Malik vs Louis Tomlinson In A Twitter War!


Zayn Malik‘s exit from One Direction apparently wasn’t as friendly as they wanted us to believe … because Zayn and Louis Tomlinson are publicly trash talking each other.

Zayn just posted this heavily-filtered photo of himself with record producer Naughty Boy. Louis jumped on it, tweeting, “Remember when you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your picture were cool haha! Some people still do HA!”

Zayn was locked and loaded, firing back, “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”

People connected with 1D were insisting to us when Zayn left … everyone was cool about his departure … which made no sense.

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I kind of feel like everyone knew that this was coming, everyone had to have known. It wasn’t like people were just going to go on and be happy that Zayn was starting his solo album right after wanting a normal life of a 22 year old. Louis and Naughty Boy have already had some words on Twitter so this picture just added fuel to the fire.

Zayn doesn’t want his former best friend to diss his current best friend so he stepped in this time. Well shit. Like there you go, that proves that no everyone was cool with this whole being a foursome thing now.

Really though, Louis has a point. No one uses Mac filters anymore, use an Instagram filter like an adult.