Kesha & Zedd Are Releasing ‘True Colors’ Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty solid day in the music world, between the Rihanna and Calvin Harris song coming out and the Kesha and Zedd song? My lord! I don’t think we are ready!

Now which song will be higher on the charts? I am going to go with Kesha’s because she hasn’t even been featured in a song since 2013. People want to rally and support this artist after everything she has been through and I think it will be amazing.

Judging by their performance together at Choachella I am going to say that this song will be incredible. Kesha’s voice has grown so much and I think we will all be surprised at what they have in store for us.

So what song do you think will be bigger? Let me know!

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Calvin Harris & Rihanna Are Releasing New Single ‘This Is What You Came For’ Friday April 29th!

So let me put down the smart things that Calvin Harris has done with his careers.

#1- Fake dating Taylor Swift. I know everyone is going to yell at me and tell me that they are the real deal, I still don’t believe it. No matter what anyone says I will never believe this relationship is more than a publicity stunt. I love Taylor but I really just feel like this is all an act. How did she go from never speaking about a relationship to not only talking about it, but having her friends talk about it as well? Hm, right? Posting personal pictures from their vacation? Again, that doesn’t sound right to me. Plus she blasted this out on Instagram so all of her fans will buy the song, plus Rihanna will probably slay this song an it will be a hit.

#2- Worked with Rihanna. Without Rihanna, Calvin Harris wouldn’t be on the level he is at. Yes he had great smashes with Ellie Goulding and a song on his own, but in reality, Rihanna is where it all started for him.

#3- Got hot. Yup he used to be ugly so it’s a good thing that he had a complete transformation because we are all shallow people.

That’s about it, he stopped getting into Twitter fights and people seem to forget that he didn’t allow Rita Ora to perform a song that they put together when they were dating which could have put her on another level of fame, but hey, that’s okay.

Anyway, this song is probably going to be incredible.

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Blink-182 Releases New Song And Announced Summer Tour!


I will say that the only thing that bums me out about this new tour and song, and well album as well is that Tom Delonge has been replaced. If you remember he kind of went off the deep end for a bit talking about aliens and different things, according to Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, he also wasn’t on board for any new music, so the band had to move on without him. Tom was replaced by  the lead singer of Alkaline Trio, Matt Skiba, who kind of sounds a lot like Mark Hoppus, so it’s a little weird.

Anyway, the song is called ‘Bored To Death’ and I get a very +44 vibe from it, but it isn’t a bad thing. I do enjoy the song, I just miss Tom’s voice.

I am happy that Blink-182 is back though, they just make me happy.

Check out the lyric video below and tell me what you think!

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Kesha & Zedd Are In The Studio Together!

As many people know Kesha joined Zedd on stage at Coachella and it looks like they are in the studio together! Zedd was one of the first producers to reach out to Kesha during her ongoing legal battle with Dr.Luke and he said that if there was anyway they could record, they would.

Well it looks like Kesha and Zedd found a loophole that could potentially bring us incredible music!

Let’s hope we hear some new Kesha soon!

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Kelly Ripa Returns To ‘Live’ And Gives Heartfelt Speech

So many things have been said in the news over the past few days about Kelly Ripa and truly it isn’t fair. Kelly Ripa stood up for what she believed was right, she was blindsided and obviously upset. Most people don’t realize that she has worked with ABC for over 20 years and she had a feeling that they were trying to push her out, so she pushed back. God forbid a woman stands up for what she believes is right and pushes back for once. This doesn’t make her a “bitch” or a “diva” it makes her human. It also makes her smart, she refused to come back until ABC promised that ‘Live’ was still important to the network.

People can say whatever but she handled this well. She had an already planned vacation for her family and instead of making any jabs, she laid it all out on the table during her little speech.

I have been watching Kelly on ‘Live’ since I was 9 years old, I also have the television taste of a 60 year old retired woman, but that’s not the point. Kelly Ripa has always been on point, she is funny, and she does her job well. Remember how she handled the Clay Aiken mess? She came out on top on that one.

So to sit behind a screen and call this hard working woman a bitch, or telling her to put on her big girl pants, you sit down. She worked hard to be where she is at and she has worked hard to keep ‘Live’ one of the best rated morning shows.

Shame on all of you. Yes, she gets paid to talk on television but she is human. She is also business savvy and wasn’t about to be bumped from the 9 am spot that she has worked to keep after Regis left.

I applaud Kelly Ripa at not making this messy, at taking a few days off to collect her thoughts, then coming back and openly congratulating Michael on air.

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Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Cancel Their North Carolina Tour Dates

Many artists have cancelled their tour date in North Carolina to try and prove a point against the bathroom bill that has been passed in the state. Listen, I completely understand why people are disgusted with the bill. I don’t like to get into political debates on this blog but I will say I am one of those people who think the bill is wrong. It isn’t just about bathrooms, its about discriminating against people.

Now let me go into the whole people cancelling their shows in North Carolina. Like I said many artists have cancelled their tour dates in the state and Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are the latest acts to do so.

This is the statement that they released:

Let me just state again, I do not agree with the HB2 law at all. I think it is disgusting and I believe we should be accepting towards other people and their rights and protection as well.

I don’t think that it is fair to fans in North Carolina though. They are punishing a whole state because of what lawmakers decided was right. I guarantee that not everyone in that state is homophobic and many are also disgusted with the law that has been placed. Personally, I don’t think it is fair to the fans that have already bought their tickets, were excited to see them play, and had nothing to do with the passing of the law.

I suggest everyone follow what Cyndi Lauper did, she put on her show and all of the proceeds when to LGBTQ groups in the state that are trying to fight the law. That is what these artists should do rather than punishing fans who had nothing to do with it.

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Word On The Street Is That Zac Efron Is Single Again!

Well it looks like Zac has either decided to become absolutely private about his love life, or he is a single man again. I am hoping for the whole single thing. I mean my chances of meeting and falling in love with Zac are 1 in about 6 billion but there is still a chance!

Zac took to Instagram and deleted all of their photos together then went on to unfollow her. If you ask me, that is a way of social media breakup. As for Sam she still has all of their pictures up and  continues to follow him because she still thinks she is a model, but obviously needs Zac to contain her followers.

Zac is about to embark one of the busiest years of his career so there’s no time for love! Unless he wants to date me, then there is plenty of time for love.

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