Watch Nick Jonas & Kevin Hart Rap Battle

This is absolute gold. Anyone who thinks this is real life, take a minute and sit down. Kevin Hart has been doing this Chocolate Droppa skit forever and it’s hilarious. If you didn’t know Nick Jonas and Kevin are doing the “Jumanji” movie together so it makes sense they would be working on this rap battle together.

Real talk, who won?

Also, I wish that they were both shirtless.

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James Corden Plays Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts With Niall Horan, Ewan McGregor & Isla Fisher

Let’s be real, James Corden is the king of late night at the moment. I will one hundred percent say that his skits are my favoriteskits of late night.

The best part was him putting Niall on the spot for sure. Also Isla is so fucking beautiful and Ewan is extremely handsome. That’s really all I have to say.

Shout out to the celebrities for being good sports, doing shit like that makes you more likeable I promise!

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Richard Sherman Showed Up To A Press Conference Dressed As Harry Potter

Why did Richard Sherman show up to a press conference dressed as Harry Potter? I don’t know. Maybe because he is actually a really funny guy. Of course on the field he is very loud and in other player’s face, but he is actually a really smart guy.

I know that this is probably all Halloween fun but I am a big fan of this move, I can appreciate it.

Sherman also announced that Quidditch is harder than football and he has decided to fully follow his heart and play that.

The NFL will miss you Richard, good luck on your Quidditch dream!

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Reportedly Dating Director Darren Aronofsky

Quiet date: Jennifer Lawrence was seen leaving the Commissary in Los Angeles with new beau Darren Aronofsky on FridayPhoto Credit

So word on the street is that Jennifer Lawrence , 26,is dating director Darren Aronofsky, 47, and the relationship is new and fresh. Jennifer has always been pretty coy about her relationships so we probably won’t get many photos of them together, other than the blurry shot above.

Let me be real right now, this is weird. I am sorry JLaw but I truly think that you are a weird for this one. I always thought that her relationship with Chris Martin was very illusive and odd but Darren? He directed Black Swan, also known as one of the most fucked up movies I have ever seen. So I don’t like him on that basis. Sure he is brilliant but he is also a little terrifying, right? If you didn’t get it right away, Black Swan really fucked me up for a few days.

There have recently been stories that she is less stressed out now that she is dating Darren because it is more lowkey than her previous relationships.

After doing some Googling I also found out that Darren wrote and directed Requim For A Dream, only proving my point that he must be a real weird dude to hang out with. Another movie that fucked me up.

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The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Have An Emotional Final Day Of Shooting, View All Of Their Posts Here!

Welp, it is official, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ has wrapped for good. The cast has officially said their goodbyes and it’s kind of heartbreaking.  A show that was a staple for television in the young adult category is officially over, and now what? We have to wait and see who Uber A is and then it is all done.

The cast has been very vocal on Instagram about their final day so I have put together all of the posts that I could find, so you could find them all in one spot.

Get your tissues ready.

Seven years later the day has come to say goodbye.

A photo posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

This guy made my job and life so fun. Thank you @ianmharding for being you. Cherish you always.

A photo posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on


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Olivia Culpo & Danny Amendola Snuggle Up On Snapchat

I have no shame admitting that I follow Olivia Culpo on Snapchat simply because I love her and Danny Amendola as a couple. He is a total babe and if I can catch a glimpse of him while he isn’t in his Patriots uniform, I am down.

This couple is seriously one of my favorite celebrity couples. I know I saw that a lot but I actually mean it this time! They are just so damn good looking together. As I have said before it’s not easy to upgrade from Nick Jonas, but Olivia Culpo obviously had no issue doing it.

There’s literally zero story here, I just thought that this was adorable and wanted to share the cuteness with the world. That’s all.

Can they please just get married already?

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Blake Lively Surprises Ryan Reynolds For His 40th Birthday!

How sweet is this couple? They are both incredibly good looking, they keep under the radar unless they want you to know what is going on with them, and they have two kids together. Ryan also looks damn good for 40, I think that we can all agree with that one.

As you can see Blake planned this at the O Ya restaurant in New York, but the two totally fell in love with each other while Ryan was filming the flop RIPD. This is both adorable and probably very good promotion for the restaurant, it is a win win either way.

Happy birthday to Ryan and may these two continue to be adorable!

Ryan also posted a hilarious response to this on his own Instagram, check it out.

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Watch Niall Horan Perform “This Town” On ‘Ellen’

Niall Horan showed up on his twin Ellen‘s show and took some time to perform his new song “This Town”, and he even stuck around to play a game of who would you rather.

Honestly, I love this song and I am glad that Niall is showing off his personality big time in his solo interviews. He just seems like a sweet guy who likes to joke around.

For the record, he sounds incredible live too, it sounds exactly like the recording.

Niall has won me over, that’s for sure. He just keeps getting better looking and seems more comfortable on his own in every interview.

I have to say, it’s kind of funny that we know he hooked up with Ellie in the past and she is his soulmate according to Ellen.

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Watch Shia LaBeouf In The Intense ‘Man Down’ Trailer

This movie looks incredible. After watching the trailer I think that I am going to have to see this right when it comes out in theaters. Shia is definitely an odd duck but he is really a gifted actor.

Just watch the trailer and you’ll get goosebumps. Most people know someone who has fought overseas and comeback changed. It is something that is very prevalent in this country and seems be something many turn a blind eye to unless it benefits them. Meaning they will complain about refugees coming into the country when we have homeless veterans, but won’t actually do anything to help those veterans.

Check it out and let me know if you are going to see it!

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Jimmy Eat World Perform “Sure and Certain” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Personally I think that Jimmy Eat World is one of the most underrated bands of all time and they are making a big come back with their new album Integrity Blues. I can promise that this album is better than half of the shit out there right now.

I would highly recommend checking the new album out on Spotify if you liked this song. Their new music is really great.

Welcome back Jimmy Eat World! We have missed you.

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