Amber Heard Claims Domestic Violence Against Johnny Depp, Seeks Restraining Order

Well shit, I didn’t see this part of the case coming. I first want to apologize for saying that Amber was crazy for divorcing Johnny because he is eternally hot. Now of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Yet as a woman I am praying that Amber wouldn’t make something like this up.

Today she showed up at court with a bruise on her face that happened when Johnny allegedly struck her with his phone.

Here is what TMZ has reported so far

She claims Depp smashed his iPhone on her face.

Heard claims after he allegedly hit her he offered her money to stay quiet, but instead she filed for divorce first thing Monday morning.

It’s interesting … she’s asking for a temporary restraining order claiming there’s an immediate threat of harm, but Depp has been out of town since Wednesday promoting his new movie. Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, appeared on his behalf.

It will be interesting to see what happens but again, I like to hope that someone wouldn’t make up allegations that they were struck by anyone. I know there will be plenty of victim blaming and also people calling Johnny names.

Right now I am going to play neutral and hope that this divorce ends quickly and without any more incidents.

Here is the photo obtained by TMZ.


The truth is that people also liked to, and still do blame Rihanna when Chris Brown beat the shit out of her. For some reason the population is usually on the man’s side because they are positive that women lie about certain things, where they got that idea from? I have no idea.

I applaud Amber for coming out about what happened to her, if the allegations are true. So many women live in the shadow of their abusers, I can only imagine how many hide when their abuser is a rich and powerful actor.

Victim blaming is disgusting. That is all I have to say.

Also to everyone saying there is no way Johnny could ever do this, do you know him personally? Think about that. You know his public persona. That is all.

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10 Reasons To Follow Ashley Parker Angel On Instagram

Everyone remembers Ashley Parker Angel, right? He was a part of the boy band O-Town and then ended up going solo and having a short lived show on MTV? Yeah, that guy.

Well fun fact is that he is an absolute babe now. I mean back in the day he definitely had a lot going for him. He had those blue eyes, the blonde hair, a jawline that wouldn’t quit. He basically took over the heartthrob role in the group, a very important role in the early 2000’s boyband era.

Well Ashley is still an absolute babe believe it or not. I was checking out his Instagram not long ago and let me just tell you one thing. He is perfection. Now he didnt join O-Town for their reunion tour and he said it was because he was trying to be a model. I had to check it out and well, modeling looks good on him.

Here are 10 reasons why you should follow this former boyband heartthrob to adult beef cake.


I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch… 🎶 #summer #summertime #summerjam #tbt

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Can't wait for selfie driving cars 🚘

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If those don’t convince you, go and check out his Instagram ashley_parker_angel and you will thank me.

God bless boy band members that are forever sexy.

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The Weeknd Cancels Jimmy Kimmel Live Performance Due To Donald Trump

Well, the story is in the headline with this one. Last night The Weeknd decided he didn’t want to go on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ due to one of his special guests, Donald Trump. Looks like The Weeknd isn’t a fan of a race baiting, woman hating, xenophobe, so you can’t be mad at that.

Maybe this will make late night hosts stop letting that orange monster on their guest list! Probably not, but one can hope!

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Amber Heard Files For Divorce From Johnny Depp

Well that didn’t last very long, did it? In case you didn’t know Johnny and Amber met on the set of ‘The Rum Diaries’ and went into a very quick engagement into a wedding. Johnny left his long time partner and mother of his children for Amber, and even bought her a fucking island. Now apparently they are getting a divorce, just one year into marriage. In case you didn’t know before this, Johnny was with his longtime partner Vanessa Paradis from 1998 until 2012, so clearly breaking up his family for Amber was worth it.

Like most celebrity divorces Amber filed for irreconcilable differences and is also asking for spousal support for Johnny. Word on the street is that Johnny doesn’t want to pay her a dime, so there is a good chance this divorce will get pretty ugly. According to TMZ, there is no prenup between the two of them, which means there is a good chance that Amber could get half of well, everything.

Johnny is currently out promoting his newest movie and people were curious where Amber was considering she is usually on his arm, looks like we know now.

I am sure they will both date and eventually marry beautiful people after this.

Johnny Depp is probably a real weirdo, but you don’t divorce Johnny Depp. That is all I can say about that. He is eternally hot no matter how intense and strange he is.

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The War Between P!NK & Christina Aguilera Is Finally Over!

As many people remember P!nk and X-Tina had a very highly publicized feud in the earl 2000’s. After Lady Marmalade came out P!nk had a few choice words about X-Tina in her ‘Behind The Music’ documentary on VH1.

It seems as though 15 years later though, they have been able to move past their little fight that they had. During an interview recently she was asked who she had the most fun working with on ‘The Voice’ and she said this.

Honestly, I’m gonna say Christina! Because her and I have history and it hasn’t always been wonderful, but finally I think it just took us 15 years, and I feel like there was true love. And it felt really good. I love when you’re around long enough to have a full circle moment and that was a full circle moment for me because, In all honesty I’m a fan of hers and it was just a really refreshing, nice visit.

In case you forgot, here is the interview where P!nk has a few things to say about Christina.

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Shia LaBeouf Using Twitter To Hitchhike And Calling It Art

Shia LaBeouf is currently traveling the country by hitchhiking. Yup, that’s right. Shia is currently on Twitter, posting different GPS coordinates where you can go and meet up with Shia and his crew. They are willing to go anywhere in the country as well. Shia will be doing this for one full month, just to see what it out there I guess? I am curious how far he will get or if people will just kind of bring him to lame ass places. I hope he ends up in Massachusetts so I can pick him up and we can talk, or not talk. There is a part of me that is pretty sure Shia would sing along to songs on the radio and only speak to me using song lyrics, that could actually be a great time.

As many people know Shia has been putting on performance art pieces for a while now. He watched his entire movie library in three days, he also had a weird art piece where he just sat there and stared at you, no speaking or anything, just staring. So this is just another thing to add to his list of what he would call art.

According to his last tweet they are somewhere in Wyoming or Colorado, there seems to be no real structure to this. He hasn’t tweeted in about a day, so we will see what comes from this! No matter what I am excited.

Is it weird I feel like this isn’t safe? I mean I get that he is highly publicized but I still feel like something bad could potentially happen, people are crazy.

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Why We Should Really Leave Britney Spears Alone

Since Britney‘s fantastic Billboard Music Award performance where she won the millennial award, something that only two other artists have won, people have been hating on her hard. (In reality people have been rooting for her to fail much longer than that, which I will get into further in the article). I don’t know if you guys knew this but Britney has always been a performer. She is all about the show and she rarely sings live, people are acting like this is some kind of new information. She can still sing when she has to, like during her Vegas show she sings ‘Lucky’ live because she isn’t dancing her ass off to entertain you people! You haters that don’t appreciate that Britney is an absolute icon in her own right and she has worked her ass off to get where she is.

It isn’t just about that though, thinking about Britney we should think of a bigger picture. She is the American dream and she has been since she was 17 years old. After losing on ‘Star Search’ she was able to become a member of The Mickey Mouse club, but we all know the story. She then became the hottest pop star out there at 16. At 16 years old Britney was every man’s fantasy, a virginal school girl who still acted in a sexual manner even though we were all reminded that she was still virginal. She was one of the first to become a sex symbol at 16, so let’s remember this. From the day most of us were getting out license she was being pushed out onto every stage in malls across America wearing tube tops that showed off her midriff, just enough skin to be sexual but not too much skin because she was still underage.

Let’s fast forward a few years to when ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ came out. It was here that Britney was officially legal and her management made sure the whole world knew it. It was also when the media started to turn on Britney. Rumors came out about how Britney cheated on her longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake and he went around promoting it, wearing it as a badge of honor to promote his first solo album while Britney was labeled a ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ by media outlets everywhere.

If you think I am being dramatic please look at how the media handled it. It was all about poor Justin, everyone immediately believed that he had no wrong doing in their breakup.

Now if you really don’t believe me, watching the interview between Britney and Diane Sawyer. She starts to ask Britney about it and when Britney starts to cry, rather than backing up she continues to twist the knife. She continues to ask Britney how she feels. Listen Diane, she is crying I am pretty sure she doesn’t really feel that fucking good. Back up off of her!

How did her camp want to respond to these allegations? Make Britney even sexier. At the MTV Music Awards she came out and made out with Madonna in front of Justin Timberlake. If the world wants to label her whatever, then she was going to be there. Not only did she break the heart of everybody’s favorite boy band member, she was now making out with girls too.

Of course, Britney 2007. Everybody know the downward spiral that the media focused on heavily and made tons of profit off of it. Britney was a new mom to two little boy, she just went through a public divorce, she was clearly going through a lot. Her management was still forcing her to do appearances when in reality, she probably needed a break. Hell she deserved a break. That was no option for her though, money is the motivation and usually it is the motivation for the team rather than the artist.

See when people compare Justin Bieber to Britney Spears, I roll my eyes a bit. Britney had to work to get where she was, and is to this day. Justin Bieber was handed a record contract through YouTube. Britney wasn’t allowed to take any time off whereas Justin took time off and did what he wanted. Whether it was getting arrested in Miami or being at a brothel in Brazil, he did what he wanted. The media also wasn’t do kind to take Britney back after her rough period, Justin went on an apology tour on ‘Ellen’ and he was America’s favorite again. Britney didn’t have any of that luxury. Is it because she is a woman? Who knows, I will just sip my tea and let that sit with you for a moment.

So let’s jump to 2016, Britney has had her own show in Vegas for nearly three years, it always has great attendance, great reviews, and she has her life back. Yes, she is still under the conservatorship where her father has control over her career and money, but she is doing great. I skipped over her going on tour with Nicki Minaj and also being a judge on X-Factor, also having a small appearance on ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

None of that matters though because deep down people are still rooting for Britney to lose. People can’t accept the fact that she has been able to overcome obstacles in her life, in front of the public eye, and she has come out on top.

So most people were ready to watch Britney fail during this performance rather than actually do well.

Most comments talked about how she was lip-syncing the entire performance. Again, she has done this for over 10 years, why we you even surprised? They also said that she looked stiff in her performance. Let me start off by saying that Britney has had two knee surgeries so obviously that will impair anybody’s dancing, even if they are a superior being.

Judging by these gifs though, I don’t know where she looked stiff and unenthusiastic..

So next time you want to talk about how shitty Britney is a performer just remember that’s fine because the world has been against her for a long time now. No wonder why she is always a bit stiff at the start of performances, she is nervous because she knows she will be ripped to shreds.

Appreciate Britney for what she is. An entertainer, a mother, a songwriter, a dancer, a singer, a multi platinum artist, a Grammy winner, and an actress. I could keep going but I think you get my point.

This woman has overcome so many struggles and even though she is famous it doesn’t mean she gets less credit for everything that she has done. She is a woman who has been dragged by the media, by ex-boyfriends, and she still goes on stage with a smile on her face.

God save the princess of pop.

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