Kid Cudi Releases “Surfin” Featuring Pharrell Williams

This song is nothing but good, no great vibes and that is that. I really don’t have anything more to say other than the fact Kid Cudi is back!

You go listen to this, you relax, it is awesome. I hope his new album is like this, I truly believe that Cudi is going to be back and it is going to be an awesome era for him.

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The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” Had An Alternative Version Called “No Goodbye”

Image result for backstreet boys

Listen I am probably one of the biggest Backstreet Boy fans that you’ll ever meet, I mean that too. I can tell you a ton of facts about BSB but this is something that is totally weird. Obviously “I Want It That Way” makes no sense what so ever. Everyone knows that, hell even the boys know it! They opened up to Huffington Post about it, go read that if you want to, but I want to talk to talk about the two different versions that are just coming to life!

After nearly 20 years (yikes) BSB decided to unearth a song called “No Goodbyes” which was almost released instead of “I Want It That Way”.\

Check out both songs below and compare the two!

Obviously “No Goodbyes” makes way more sense but I am glad they stuck with “I Want It That Way”.

Also, I am so happy that BSB is all over the place right now. The best boy band of all time for a reason!

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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Welcome Baby Number 2!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds talk baby name, parenting & plans for the futureGetty Images

A big congratulations are in order for one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood! Both E! News and People have reported that Blake and Ryan welcomed their second child earlier this week!

No word yet on whether the baby was a boy or girl but it is reported that their child was born at a Manhattan hospital and both Blake and the baby are doing just fine!

Of course the couple have a daughter James, who is almost two years old, but again right now no gender or name to report on!

Congrats again to the family and congrats to that new baby for having incredible genes!

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Blac Chyna Explains Why She Gave Out Rob Kardashian’s Number On Twitter

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are seriously so crazy, I can’t get enough. I have never watched their show but I assume it is just a big ol’ mess. Of course it is probably the two of them that are selling stories to the media and taking control of their own PR life, and guess what? It gives me life!

Last night Chyna took a note from Rob’s book and decided to put his number up on twitter like he did to Kylie earlier this week.

By the way, after Rob leaked Kylie’s number people started to say that Rob was no longer leaving his house again, that he and black were over. At this point it is pretty clear that it was the Kardashian’s who were telling the press this info, to make themselves look better.

Well Chyna and Rob took to Instagram to explain why she gave out Rob’s number.

The two are absolutely insane, I hope they make it.


A video posted by blacchyna snapchats (@blacchynasnapchats) on


A video posted by blacchyna snapchats (@blacchynasnapchats) on

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Disney Is Making A Live Action Version Of “The Lion King”

The Lion King

I will be the first person, well probably not the first, but I am going to say one thing. I am not fucking here for this. Do you hear me? I am not here for a live action version of “The Lion King”. Listen I understand wanting to do live action of “The Jungle Book” or “Beauty And The Beast” because they have actual people in their stories. “The Lion King” has animals!

Right now, I am pissed that they are going to make this a live action movie. Are they also going to change the script? Are they all going to get new voices? Can you imagine hearing someone other than James Earl Jones as Mufasa? I won’t stand for it!

Never in a million years did I think that anything about “The Lion King” could make me upset, but here it is. If you are excited about this live action movie, you’re soulless.

I can’t imagine not having Johnathan Taylor Thomas as a young Simba, and I frankly won’t accept it either.

Disney, you’ve crossed the line with this one. You can go straight to hell Disney.

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Lady Gaga Will Headline The 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show!

I mean okay. That is really my reaction to the thought of Lady Gaga performing at the halftime show for the Super Bowl. I mean obviously it is an honor to do something like that, it is a huge platform.

Now I can’t say anything bad about Lady Gaga, I really can’t. She is insanely talent and she seems like a really kind and beautiful person. I just think that she is a little too theatrical for the biggest football game in the world. I think she will do incredible, but the thing is, that fan base literally doesn’t appreciate art. Although, I am pretty sure the half time show was created for the women who have to watch the show.

Show me what you got Lady Gaga!

I wonder who she will pull on stage with her. Hopefully the Black Eyed Peas, it wont be them but I hope it is.

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Zayn Malik Wants To Remind Everyone That He Is Relevant!

Oh hello Zaddy Zayn Malik. Popping up on Instagram with this fire selfie after Niall Horan dropped his first solo track. You ain’t slick Zayn! Just because you were the first to go solo doesn’t mean you can be out here trying to take the spotlight away from angelic Niall!

Now of course Zayn could have just wanted to post a selfie to show off his freshly shaven face to the world, but I don’t see it like that. I see it as him wanting to get into people’s heads. He was the first one to leave One Direction and that’s that! Maybe he doesn’t want Niall to get all the spotlight today?

If you look through his Instagram he rarely posts selfies, he will post pictures from red carpets or photoshoots but never really selfies. It is just interesting timing if you ask me. Even if you didn’t ask me, I am still telling you.

Niall is hot right now Zayn, you are had your moment in your solo hotness but you couldn’t get over your anxiety to perform. Let Niall be.

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Niall Horan Releases His First Official Solo Song ‘This Town’!

Photo published for Niall Horan Releases Debut Solo Single 'This Town'

So we were teased earlier about when Niall Horan would be dropping ‘This Town’, looks like he couldn’t wait any longer!

I think that this song is very sweet and acoustic like I thought it would be. It is just a very sweet song that I could listen to it all day. At least you can understand what he is saying!

Solid solo song! I will say that it kind of reminds me of One Direction, but that’s fine. The song is written by him, so that’s impressive.

Solo Niall, I am into it! The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. It’s just so freaking sweet.

What do you think of the song? Let me know!

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Kate McKinnon Gets Real About Owning A Cat

Let's give that a closer look, yes? Yes.

Kate McKinnon is currently the superstar “SNL” cast member that will probably leave after next season and go on to star in a bunch of movies. I think that everyone can see that, right? She is just on another level of comedy.

Well last night she was on Jimmy Fallon’s show and went on to talk about her big Emmy win which is awesome and all but she also talked about her cat. Her cat that she loves so much named Nino Positano.

One thing you have to accept when you’re a cat owner is that cats do not care. They could care less if you win an award, if you end up getting the job of your dreams, they really don’t care. All that they get excited about is when you open up the treats bag or open a can of tuna.

Cats teach you how to love something selfish, isn’t that just sweet?

Well watch the video below and listen to Kate explain how her cat reacted to her winning an Emmy, it is perfect.

I have to throw up my gang hashtag real quick too, #CatLady4Lyfe.

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Niall Horan May Be Releasing Solo Song ‘This Town’ Tonight!

Never in a million years did I think that Niall Horan would be the first one out of the remaining four left in One Direction to release a solo song. I truly thought that Harry or Liam would beat him to the punch. Looks like I was wrong though!

Personally, I think that Niall’s music is going to be great! I can picture him having a more acoustic sound like Ed Sheeran, since the two are best friends.

Rumors started swirling about this release due to a deleted tweet by Radio Disney.

Be sure to keep it here and I will be updating because one that song drops, I am going to write about it. Niall is low key my favorite member of One Direction even though I am too old to have a favorite member of One Direction.

I can picture him being bigger than Zayn with his solo album because Zayn doesn’t do shit for promotion and will never go on tour. I know his anxiety, whatever but one thing about the music industry? No one cares. You go out there you promote and you perform. Britney does it, so can you Zayn.


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