Scott Disick Spotted Getting Cozy With Someone Other Than Kourtney Kardashian

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So when I first saw these pictures I was convinced that it wasn’t Scott. I don’t know some angels didn’t really look like him, it was confusing for me. Looking at more though, I realized that they were him.

I think it is about time that the Kardashian empire starts to crumble. Now I feel bad for the three kids that he has with Kourtney but clearly their relationship has been for show. I have been saying that for years, no chance that these two were ever going to get married or anything like that.

I am curious to see if this was simply a set up for another storyline on the show. I mean they could easily have one episode focused on Scott and Kourtney talking out their issues. Or maybe they will finally fucking stop with the show since it is completely fake anyway, that would be cool.

Anyway, here are some pictures of him and his former flame Chloe Bartoli on the beach together.

I am very curious why this happened in such an open spot, it is almost like they wanted to be caught. Hmm something is suspicious.

Carrie Underwood Gives Us the ‘See You Again’ Mashup We’ve Been Waiting For!

This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life! Carrie Underwood rapping?! I never thought I would see the day but I am glad that I did just witness that masterpiece! Clearly she isn’t the greatest rapper of all time but how can you not love the effort?

I do have one thing to say, Carrie can sing! Damn Carrie is easily one of the best voices out there, she can sing the roof off of anything!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Are Divorcing After 10 Years Of Marriage

No! I will not accept this! My heart is broken because of this! Alright, maybe I am being a little bit dramatic but come on guys! Why do you have to get divorced? Well, obviously they have their reasons, but can’t they stay together, if not for the kids than for me?

There have been rumors swirling for a while about marriage problems but I was just going to ignore them. I haven’t posted about them being I assumed that they were well nothing but rumors. There were some moving trucks outside of their home in California, I just assumed that they were finding a new place, not divorce! This couple was my very favorite Hollywood couple! Who can I root for now? Other than Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle of course, if they get a divorce I give up.

Really though, this is like when Ryan and Reese got divorced. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Honestly, I hope that they figure everything out and the transition for their kids is easy. May you two both find happiness, but maybe not get a real divorce. Maybe this is just an early April fools prank or something.

PS: I’m really sad.

Are Sean Penn & Minka Kelly Hollywood’s Newest Couple?


Sean Penn and Charlize Theron called it quits just 2 weeks ago, and he’s already doing his laundry with another hot chick.

These pics were taken last Tuesday at French Laundry, the uber-fancy/delicious/exclusive restaurant in the Napa Valley. Sean was celebrating Minka Kelly‘s 35th birthday, along with 3 other people.

They were by no means hush hush … people at other tables heard Sean tell the other 3 he and Minka met at a Haiti charity event.

They had a feast to end all, with a chicken with the feet still attached, truffle mac and cheese and a birthday cake. The people at Sean’s table, along with others in the restaurant, serenaded Minka to “Happy Birthday.”

Sean picked up the tab … and it was pricey.

Minka has not mentioned Sean, but after the dinner she Instagrammed, “Birthday festivities off to a pretty magical start.”

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I will never understand the attraction to Sean Penn. Sure he goes around to Haiti and raises money, but I am pretty sure he is a complete asshole. I mean I am pretty sure he beat up Madonna back when they were dating. Just seems like a really nasty guy to be around.

Somehow he has been able to date the hottest women in Hollywood, well Charlize Theron and now maybe Minka Kelly? That makes absolutely no sense! What is happening to this world?! Minka you were dating Derek Jeter, now you are maybe with Sean Penn? Such a strange turn.

On another note, how is Minka Kelly 35? She doesn’t look a day older than 24.

Man Crush Monday: Bryce Harper

So last night I am sitting at a bar and they have ESPN or one of those sports stations on and this little hottie popped up on my screen. Now I don’t know much about baseball teams. I know how it is played, how many outs and how many innings but ask me what team is the best in the league. I have no idea. I do know that Bryce Harper is a real hottie though.

He isn’t your average hot guy though, like his head is kind of huge, and his features are a bit big but damn, something about him makes him absolutely banging. Usually I don’t like blondes either but something about this guy really gets me going!

Some stats about Bryce. He is 6’2″, weighs 230, and plays in the outfield for the Washington Nationals. Apparently he is pretty good too and the fact he is only 22 proves that he has a long career ahead of him!

Happy Monday!

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Join Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas On Boat Ride Through London!

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Join Pals Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas for a Boat Ride in London

So Taylor Swift has been doing her European leg of the ‘1989’ tour and clearly has been having a great time. Know who else is having a great time, Calvin Harris and Karlie Kloss. Joe Jonas on the other hand? Well he looks pretty damn miserable and I think that I know why. If you think about it, after he broke up with Taylor Swift his career went way down hill. He had the potential to be the Jonas Brother to really break out, but he didn’t because he broke up with America’s sweetheart T.Swift and she wrote a ton of songs to remind everyone that he broke her heart. Now he is dating her good friend Gigi Hadid, who is a model or something, and has to see T.Swift constantly.

Apparently Swift’s parents were also along for the ride, so Karlie wasn’t just a fifth wheel, she was a seventh wheel! What a trooper!

I still can’t get over Joe Jonas though, he is so miserable because Nick is now the hottest Jonas and he will never have a solo career. All because T.Swift completely ruined him.

Seriously though, who is Gigi Hadid?