Demi Lovato Is Working On New Music With Legendary Song Writer!

Well it looks like that break that Demi was talking about not long ago isn’t happening. I personalyl couldn’t be happier about it. Maybe the whole being nominated for a Grammy thing made her realize that people do actually love her music.

Today Demi announced that she was working with legendary song writer Diane Warren. In case you aren’t familiar with her she has written songs for Aerosmith, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and more. She has Grammy’s under her belt along with Golden Globe nominations, so she has talent.

No seriously, check out the list of songs she has written, it is insane.

It looks like Demi is really going to be coming out swinging with her new music and maybe, just maybe she will get the commercial success that she deserves.

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Watch Ryan Gosling’s Reaction To Watching Dance Video From His Childhood

This video of Ryan Gosling dancing in MC Hammer pants has been circulating around the web for a long time but I don’t think that we have ever seen Ryan Gosling reacting to it. Let’s be real, this video is straight up gold.

Apparently this whole thing happened about four days ago but I had to write about it. How could I not?

Check out the hysterical video below!

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Happy 95th Birthday To Betty White!

Image result for betty white

The year 2016 took away a lot of really incredibly talented celebrities but it couldn’t take Betty White, she wouldn’t allow it.

Although she has been subjected to death hoaxes in the past, Betty is still slaying at 95 years old. She is the last surviving member from ‘The Golden Girls’ and she is known for being hysterical during interviews, and just about everywhere.

Think about it, she was born in 1922, so she has seen the country come together, fall apart, really she has seen so much and has more wisdom than any of us will ever know.

“I have no regrets at all. None. I consider myself to be the luckiest old broad on two feet.”— From a 2013 interview with Guinness World Records

Betty knows how lucky she is, she remains humble and kind.

Let’s be real, she is a rare gem and she should be treated as such.

Happy birthday and thank you for being a friend!

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Dan & Shay Release Emotional Music Video For “How Not To”

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I absolutely love Dan and Shay, I have been big fans of them for a long time and this song just proves how amazing they are. The vision that they had for this music video shines through. Although it could have just been a cute music video, they wanted to put some real, raw emotion into it. Something I can appreciate for sure.

Alcoholism is a real issue in this world, and again instead of just making this a normal cute music video they put a message behind it.

Thank you for this video and a shout out to Katie Stevens for being the female lead in it.

Dan and Shay just keep writing hit after hit and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us down the road!

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin’s 10 Hottest Instagram Pictures

Image result for javi marroquin

I am about to come clean right now, be prepared. I love “Teen Mom 2” and “Teen Mom OG” too, I have followed the girls for like seven years now and I am a pretty big fan. That simple. Know who I have had a crush on since he showed up on my television screen though? Javi.

In case you didn’t know Javi was married to Kailynn but the two recently divorced. The two had a bit of a tough relationship but now, Javi is single.

If you didn’t know Javi is also in the military which makes him like ten times hotter, right?

Well check out the top ten hottest photos from his Instagram!

10. Javi and the legendary Babs

9. He owns a ‘Degrassi’ basketball jersey and I need one immediately

8. Perfection

@ttmlifestyle ✊🏻👌

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

7. Red carpet mode

Out here in NYC for my man @jdonovanpr birthday!

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

6.So sweaty.

400 m run 30 bear complex 200 DU's 30 bear complex 400 m run 14:56 killed it tonight my man

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

5. No caption needed, right?

All I need

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

4. ‘Degrassi’ and flexing

Had fun putting in work with my boy today @ahudson_xxi Follow me on snap to see the comp: javim9

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

3.Imagine waking up next to this

In 2 days I've gotten 6 hours of sleep #miami

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

2.No explanation needed

Haven't had this much fun in a while! Max always comes in clutch with a good time

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

1. Stubble and daddy mode

Merry Christmas linky linc!

A photo posted by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

Where can I find me a man like this? If anyone knows please let me know !

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Music Monday : “I Don’t Wait To Live Forever” (Cover) – Jonah Baker

Last week I was flipping through the stations in the Boston area and Mix 104.1 was playing what they call 15 seconds of fame. I heard a beautiful voice flowing through the speakers and immediately I had to hear more of Jonah Baker.

Let me tell you something, Jonah’s voice is absolutely incredible. It almost had a bit of innocence to it but it also kind of reminds me of young Justin Timberlake, which isn’t a bad thing. Think of like NYSNC Justin, and I am straight up obsessed.

Immediately I went to his YouTube channel and listened to all of his covers, then Spotify to listen to his original songs. This guys talent is absolutely out of this world. I would recommend following him on Twitter so you can say that you were a fan when he finally blows up, because his voice is too perfect to not blow up.

I also have to give him credit because he did something that I didn’t think was possible. He made me like “I Don’t Want To Live Forever”.

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Watch JoJo Pay Tribute To Aaliyah

Image result for jojo

Today Aaliyah would have been 38 unfortunately her life was taken at a very young age, but her impact on music has stayed. She was only 22 when tragically died on a plane crash while leaving the Bahamas after a music video shoot.

Celebrating her birthday there will be plenty of tributes to Aaliyah on social media and JoJo just so happened to be one of those people.

During one of her shows on the Mad Love tour, she took time out to appreciate the late singer, covering her hit “Are You That Somebody” which is still played on the radio to this day. It came out in 1998, so almost 20 years later people still love to hear it.

Check out the tribute below!

#PressPlay: #Jojo pays homage to #Aaliyah for her birthday… did she nail it? What's your favorite #Aaliyah song?

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

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Man Crush Monday : Antonio Brown

Image result for antonio brown

As a fan of the  Patriots I feel kind of weird making Antonio Brown my Man Crush Monday this week because I hope he sucked this upcoming Sunday. I really hope that the Steelers lose and the Patriots will go to the Super Bowl. There’s one thing I can do though, I can appreciate a good looking man.

This past season Antonio Brown has been a star for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is also known for his insane touchdown dances but he has calmed down a bit on that.

Over the weekend the Steelers were able to win against the Chiefs and Antonio flashed his megawatt smile and I fell in love all over again.

He is definitely one of the best looking players in the NFL and he is also very charismatic which just makes him even better if you ask me. Plus he has rocked some pretty strange haircuts in his day, something I can respect.

So happy Monday, again I am rooting for the Patriots but I can appreciate a good looking man when I see one!

An iron fist in a velvet glove #callgod

A photo posted by Antonio Brown (@ab) on

God thank you for life

A photo posted by Antonio Brown (@ab) on

Image result for antonio brown shirtless

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Billie Lourd & Taylor Lautner Vacation In Cabo

Obviously this past month has been a tough on for Billie Lourd. She lost her mother, Carrie Fisher and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds .

Now there were photos of Billie in mourning just after her grandmother passed away with Taylor Lautner but I felt wrong posting it. They were outside of her house and she looked visibly upset, but I couldn’t do it, not even for the clicks!

This time though, I wanted to share some photos because look at how happy Billie and Taylor look together. The couple has been together for the past few months after they were spotted making out on Ariana Grande’s Snapchat story or something like that. I think that’s right.

It looks like the two of them are having a great time though and after the past two months that Billie has had, she deserves some time off riding a damn jet sky and smiling.

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Dax Shepard Posts Adorable Throwback With Kristen Bell

Image result for kristen bell and dax shepard

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples in my opinion. They seem to be a lot of fun and also seem to genuinely get along which is always nice. In reality they seem like the kind of couple you could hang out with and not feel awkward about being a third wheel.

In case you didn’t know these two didn’t have a traditional wedding at all. They ended up simply going to the courthouse and getting married there. They got dressed up and even took photos there. How adorable is that? So quirky but not in an annoying way, do you feel me?

The couple have been married for three years but have been together for nine years.

Now, nine years later they have two children and continue to be adorable.

Dax took to Instagram though to post a throwback of the couple, back when Dax thought that chewing tobacco was a good look. In case you’re wondering, it’s never a good look.

Here’s to hoping these two never breakup because my heart can’t take it. Stay together for the kids and for me, okay? Okay.

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