What Color Is This Dress?










guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the fuck out

So I just looked at this like, it’s blue and black obviously and all my friends were like no it’s blue and gold. Now I’m super confused, what is eyesight?

I see it as white and gold. My friend right here sees it as blue and black. I CANT HANDLE THIS

if that’s not gold my entire life has been a lie

I am seeing Blue and Black, how are people seeing it different? Is there some sort of mind sorcery happening here?! :o

Okay, wtf

i just saw it as gold and white which was weird bc earlier it was blue and black so i thought maybe ye were fucking with me but i went to reblog and now its blue and black again?!1?


My class just had a debate over this. Half sees black and blue, the other half sees gold and white. Someone please explain this…


Update: this thing changed color in front of my fricken face. How does that even happen.

So this is a thing right now, I can’t believe I am even writing this. Tumblr went crazy for this dress. This dress is white and gold, move on! How in the actual hell could this dress be black and blue?

I feel like someone did that black and blue thing as a troll and people just went along with it.

This dress is white and gold, get over it!

Tom Brady Posts Adorable Photo Of Him & Gisele Bundchen

Gisele, thank you for being the love of my life!

This is random but you want to know how famous Gisele is, I almost didn’t even write her full name. She is like Madonna or Beyonce, there is only one of them! There aren’t any other famous Gisele’s walking around. None that are married to the greatest quarterback of all time either.

I will say I think this picture is awkward but still adorable. I mean I have been kissed on the nose, just quick cute kisses. This kiss though, this is a full fledged kiss on the nose. He would kiss her on the lips with that passion, from what I assume of course. Maybe this will be the new thing? Gisele seems to like it it so it’s all good, right?

I am glad that these two have seemed to make it through everything. Back in the day I wasn’t a fan of Gisele because I mean Tom was having a baby with another woman and of course the media portrayed Gisele as a homewrecker but from everything I can see she is a good person. She is always helping with charities, good with fans, and really good with Tom’s son Jack who isn’t her own son. I mean that is awesome, good for her.

The Teen Mom OG Official Trailer Has Been Released!

Have you ever watched something and immediately knew that it was going to be a perfect train wreck. That is how I feel whenever I watch Teen Mom, a show I personally love. I know that everyone hates that MTV kind of exploits teen pregnancy, but whatever, I love it. I have no right to say what is wrong or what is right. So keep on showing it MTV! If you think it works, I am all for it!

One thing I cannot wait for is for Farrah to be back. Farrah is the gift that keeps on giving, except after you get her gift you may need a shot of penicillin. I just can’t wait until the reunion, I know that is probably far away, but I don’t care. Maci clearly isn’t a fan of her, I know that Tyler and Caitlyn have battled with her. She is so disgusting! I can’t even deal with it.

I am beyond ready for this though. It is about time they realized everyone would rather the original girls over the girls now. Poor Leah has like 9 kids now, Jenelle is just Jenelle, then there is Kailynn who has a hot husband but is meant to him, then finally Chelsea who is the most well rounded because her dad is loaded.

Bring on Teen Mom OG, I am ready!

Happy 40th Birthday Chelsea Handler!

Chelsea Handler is one of my personal heroes so the least I could do was dedicate a little post about her on my tiny blog. I am very aware that she may never see this but I did want to thank her for what she has done with comedy and women. I know that a lot of people dislike her, that simply means that she is doing something right, right? If people have negative things to say and you are a comedian, you have ruffled enough feathers to make yourself known, that is an important thing to remember.

Thank you for being awesome and writing hilarious books Chelsea you are incredible. Have a great birthday filled with tons of Vicodin, marijuana, and vodka!

Naya Rivera Is Expecting With Husband Ryan Dorsey!

Well looks like everyone who assumed she got married to piss Big Sean off can take a step back and shut their mouths. Naya is having a little baby! Look at how cute that is. I personally like Naya Rivera, I know that a lot of people don’t but I think she is beautiful, has a great voice, and can kind of act. Kind of because I haven’t watched Glee in years but I remember liking her back in the day on that show.

She is announce that she was pregnant on the same day that Big Sean’s album was dropping, which is odd. Just like how she got married the same day that her and Big Sean were supposed to be married. I must say, that is a bit sketchy Naya. Big Sean is at the top of his game right now so I don’t think that doing shit like that would really take any eyes off of him.

No matter what the case is though, congrats to Naya and her husband Ryan! I am sure you will have a beautiful little baby!

Christina Aguilera Does Britney Spears Impression on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon play Wheels of Impressions

Alright first things first, I have a new love for X-Tina that I wasn’t even aware was there. She absolutely slayed the three impressions that she was given by Jimmy Fallon. I will say, I still do not like Jimmy Fallon, he tries too hard. X-Tina on the other hand kills it.

Her Britney impression is so on point it is scary, it is genuinely a bit terrifying how much she sounds like her former rival. They can say that they weren’t rivals, but we all know the truth, they were rivals.

Just take a look for yourself because the impression is incredible.

Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Julie Andrews At The 2015 Oscars

Last night Lady Gaga did an incredible job honoring the incredible Julie Andrews. I do think that everyone was kind of surprised that she was able to belt like that. I mean it is hard to remember that she is a great singer when she does all of that weird stuff. I mean there is really no need for her to sing like how she usually does, like ‘Applause’ because she could out sing just about any female singer at the moment.

Lady Gaga is coming in hot lately, right? I mean she looked incredible at the Grammys, now here she is singing her ass off at the Oscars. I mean I feel like Gaga is coming out with something big. Can you imagine if she made an album singing like this? It would sell much better than Art Flop, I will tell you that much.

So good for you Gaga for reminding people that you are actually a talented singer. Also let me just say when Julie Andrews walked out in stage, I started to clap inside my own house. Julie Andrews is a legend, she deserved to be honored.

I wonder how Carrie Underwood felt, you know because she did that whole live Sound Of Music thing, and it kind of sucked. No fault to her, she sang incredibly, it was just like the acting and stuff.