Travis Barker & Rita Ora Are Hollywood’s Newest Couple!

Okay well I thought that Rita Ora was dating Wiz Khalifa or some shit, but now she is dating fucking Travis Barker? Well I did not see that one coming. I swear this girl has no type. She has gone from Rob Kardashian to Calivin Harris to ASAP Rocky (allegedly) to some dude named Ricky Hilfiger to apparently Travis Barker?

That list of her past relationships looks like a season of Surreal Life or some VH1 show in 20 years.

I want to sit Rita down and just talk to her. In my opinion Rita has one of the best voices out there. She can sing and she is gorgeous but people focus on her long list of ex lovers. I mean her and Calvin broke up and he basically ruined her what should have been smash hit ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ but let’s not get into that.

This couple is one of the most random couples I have ever heard about in my life. I mean this is up there with Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden.

Travis Barker is a hottie though, he isn’t exactly my type but there is something about him. Now he is no Carey Hart, but he is definitely a good looking dude covered in tattoos. But if we were playing marry, fuck, kill with all the members of Blink-182, he would be the one I would kill. I would marry Mark Hoppus in case you were wondering.

I give this couple two months before they break up. They have been together for like a week apparently and they are already saying what they love about each other. I guess Hollywood really is like high school.

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Drake & Beyonce Debut Full Version Of “I Can”

I am not really sure how I feel about this song just yet, but with both Drake and Beyonce on the track you know it is going to be a hit. I mean how can it not be? Drake is fucking incredible and even though I am not the biggest fan of Beyonce’s new music, she is a legend.

I am a bit bummed out that Beyonce didn’t have a full verse. I think that if she was to sing it out on this track it would have been even better.

It does have a nice sound to it, I think it is just a little boring, but I am sure that it will grow on me.

I will stay clear on my stance though, Beyonce should have had a full verse instead of repeating like 6 words over and over again.

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Just a random thought but I love all the free music Drake has been releasing lately. Considering I am up to eyeballs in student loans anything free, especially good music, is the greatest thing ever.

Demi Lovato Goes Make Up Free And Totally Nude for Vanity Fair

Looks like Demi Lovato doesn’t give any fucks anymore. She decided to go fully make up free and totally nude for the latest magazine of Vanity Fair. Good for her. I mean just four years ago Demi had a massive body issue and probably never thought of ever doing something like this. Now here she is, baring it all for a magazine that is going to be seen world wide.

I am guessing this is all just promoting her new album which is called ‘Confident’ and strives to show how confident the singer is in her skin now.

I have to say, good for you Demi! You keep doing your thing!

As I have said many times, I’m not but for Demi I would be.

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Fun fact I wrote this before I watched the video, me and Demi are just that connected.

Taylor Swift Performs “Hot In Herre” With Nelly In St.Louis

Let’s be real, Nelly is St.Louis royalty so bringing him out on stage is a brilliant move. Although is Taylor Swift can get Mick Jagger out on stage she can absolutely bring Nelly out on stage.

Something about Taylor Swift trying to be sexy makes me feel so uncomfortable. I mean I get it, “Hot In Herre” is a great song. We all love it. But as you can see from the video below they sing sexual healing, it is kind of weird. I mean I feel like I am a prude for saying that but I don’t know. Tay being sexy makes me feel weird.

Anyway, Nelly is so hot. I mean he is just so damn sexy I can’t even explain it.

Just watch the video and enjoy it! Just try not to watch Taylor or the Haim girls dancing.

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JoJo Releases Music Video For ‘When Love Hurts’!

Embedded image permalink

I have been on the JoJo comeback train for a long time, see examples herehere, and here. So obviously I have been waiting for this video to drop for a while now. Can I just say, this song is amazing. I fucking love it. I mean JoJo had some pipes when she was like 12 and I am happy at 24 she can still SANG!

JoJo is my home-girl and she can out sing any young female vocalist out there right now. I said it! Come at me. Her vocal range is absolutely insane and the world has needed her back in the worst way.

The queen is back and she is here to slayyyy!

Tell me how much you love the song here, and check out the video below!

And here is an acoustic version, just so no one can say that her singing is all manufactured.

Scott Porter Posts A Picture With Matt Lauria & Gaius Charles That Will Give You ‘Friday Night Lights’ Feels

Embedded image permalink

Good friends…livin’ large in Texas”

Oh my god, my heart just exploded. Nothing like seeing the cast of one of the greatest shows ever together. Just Smash Williams, Jason Street, and Luke Cafferty hanging out with Jason’s baby.

Can this show have a reunion yet? It truly had one of the best finale episodes that I have ever seen but come on! It would be the most watched reunion ever! Yup, I said it!

Seriously, this is so precious.

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Orlando Bloom Is Looking Hotter Than Ever

orlando bloom looks so hot for his lax airport departure 03

Well shoot these new pictures that were just released yesterday makes one thing certain. Orlando Bloom is looking good again. For a while he went through a weird stage with his long hair and looking skinny but hey, Orlando is back. There are rumors he is dating Kendall Jenner so maybe that is why he is back to looking like his old youthful self.

I mean these pictures were just taken during a casual walk through LAX. Considering he is simply rocking some sweats and a jacket while looking that hot, it is a good thing. It is a very good thing.

Whatever you’re doing Orlando keep on doing it because it is really working.

Orlando Bloom is hot again, Kate Hudson is dating one of the hottest guys in Hollywood again. Yup, it is definitely 2006.

Also after further inspection I am pretty sure those are not sweatpants.

orlando bloom looks so hot for his lax airport departure 25

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