The S Club 7 Reunion Happened Last Night And It was Perfect!

Last night S Club 7 made their big reunion for the first time in nearly twelve years for a benefit concert benefiting Children in Need in England and it was magical! Watching this made me want to go to one of their concerts, find their old show on YouTube and watch the shit out of it. I never realized how much I loved S Club 7 until this very moment. No that is probably a lie, I used to have their dolls, yup I had a Paul and a Bradley doll because they were babes back in the day.

Reading some comments people are saying that the singing was a little rough, well no shit it was rough, they haven’t really sang for a solid ten years! Plus Jo is always carrying them, so maybe her throat was a little sore from being fucking awesome. You ever think of that?!

These guys have to do a reunion tour of some kind, right? I mean they would be absolutely crazy not to do something. Maybe without Paul since he dismantled the band to begin with. Everyone else should be involved in a reunion  though.

So after seeing their first performance in so long I must say that Bradley is still my favorite, I mean he can just belt it out, there was a reason he was the lead male vocalist. Not enough shots of Hannah though, she was always awesome. Jo, enough for the eyebrows, they weren’t moving. I also don’t think that Rachel or Tina have aged since. As for Jon and Paul, you two have disappointed me.

Can’t lie though I had a stupid smile on my face watching these guys and girls run around on the stage singing and dancing. Plus I knew every word and you have to love that!

Reality Star Diem Brown Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

Let me be honest when I say that when I first found out about Diem, I actually shed a tear or two. For the past ten years or however long Diem has been a known face on MTV due to her being on The Challenges over the past years. Recently cancer had taken over the young 32 year old’s body spreading from her stomach to her lymph-nodes and this past Thursday she decided to stop treatment.

I will say I wasn’t a huge fan of how Diem played the game, I thought that she relied to much on CT but when she wasn’t playing in The Challenge, I became a real fan. After reading her messages about feeling beautiful and being able to overcome everything it really made me respect Diem as a person. She had gone through so much in her life, beating ovarian cancer twice, that it is sad that she lost her fight. No, I won’t say that. Diem fought her ass off, she just decided to see what would happen. Sadly, Diem has passed away.

It is strange to say that I felt like I knew Diem as a person. I know that most reality shows are fake but there was a real side to Diem that we all got to see. When she wore wigs because she hated her short hair. When she would stand up for herself when other players would try and stab her in the back. Things like that will be missed in the up and coming seasons of The Challenge.

My thoughts and prayers are with Diem’s friends and family. Thank you for being so courageous and spreading your story of strength. Your inspiration and heart will carry on for many years to come.

Rest in beautiful peace Diem Brown.

So Robert Pattinson Got A Weird Ass Haircut

Featured Image

I will come out right now and say that I have never found the obsession with Robert Pattinson. I mean in his interviews he seems like a cool guy, I mean I guess. I also remember that he dated Kristin Stewart forever so he is probably just as boring as she is. He kind of looks like a foot in my opinion, but hey, I know not many people still find Brian Littrell sexy, to each their own right?

One thing I know that I can’t stand behind is this weird ass haircut. I remember my brother having the mushroom haircut back in the day, we simply told him that it was the half done haircut. This is way worse than that haircut though. I literally feel sick looking at this. He looks like a penis. Yes, his haircut makes him look like he has a penis head.

Does this guy still do movies by the way? I haven’t heard anything about him since that movie with Reese Witherspoon. This haircut wont help him get any roles either, that is something I am sure of!

Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus Are Hollywood’s Hottest New Couple!

Well, well if snapping a picture while making out with someone isn’t the sign that you two are officially a couple, then I don’t know what else you could call it! This weekend Patrick took Miley to a USC Trojans game, which was where he attended colleges, and they made out for all the world to see. Now rumors have been going for a while about these two but I think that this show of affection kind of proves that they are a couple. Well at least that they are together in some respect.

I read some comments of what people had to say, and most said things like how random the couple is. Let’s be real. Miley Cyrus loves to be raunchy on stage, hump things on stage, and post weird Instagram pictures but her taste in men is tall, blonde, and handsome. If you think I am wrong let’s take a look back on her past relationships. Liam Hemsworth, what was he? Tall, blonde, and handsome. Then there was that quick little thing with Kellan Lutz, again, tall, blonde, and handsome. Now let’s look at Patrick, oh and again, tall, blonde, and handsome. Yup, Miley likes her men to look all American that is for sure.

I guess this means that Miley is technically dating someone from the Kennedy dynasty, right? I mean can you imagine Miley at their family compound in Hyannis Port ? Just twerking while the ghost of JFK shakes his head. Or maybe he would approve since we all know the Kennedy’s weren’t exactly the most modest family in the world.

Anyway, I am about this couple! How sweet is it that back in 2009 Patrick said he had a crush on Miley too, the guy gets the girl.

PS: I would love it if at some point she sings ‘Party In The USA’ with him in the background, because America!

Taylor Swift Releases Music Video for ‘Blank Space’ And It’s Perfect

Number one Taylor Swift you look absolutely amazing in this music video. Taylor Swift is girl crush material for sure, am I right? Second I have to wonder if this was filmed at her Rhode Island mansion? I mean it looks like some of the old Newport Mansions that they have down there. Yeah, I have visited, whatever!

This music video is so perfect though, I like to think that Taylor is going to continue to poke fun at herself in these music videos. Obviously ‘Shake It Off’ was her laughing at herself because she sucks at dancing. Then this one is about how everyone thinks that she is absolutely insane when it comes to guys. I mean the whole painting scene, it is just perfection. How can you not love this video? This song? So perfect! All of it!

Now we know T.Swift is a “nightmare dressed like a day dream” ,seriously such an incredible lyric. So incredible.

Also that sexual lip bite, I see that T.Swift.

Man Crush Monday: Charlie Hunnam

So this weeks Man Crush Monday goes out to none other than the hottie that is Charlie Hunnam! I have been meaning to put him as my man crush for a few weeks but kept on forgetting. Now I finally remembered and I am so happy that I finally did! Look at this beautiful man. Those blue eyes, that gorgeous jawline, really just his face in general is pretty perfect, am I right?

Me personally, I have never really got into the whole ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ thing because of the violence but I know that Jax is a major badass. He is someone who will kill anyone, then go home and hug his kids, that’s cute right? How bummed are you that Charlie isn’t going to be in Fifty Shades though? I am pretty sure everyone cried a bit when they found that out.

Anyway, I hope to see his beautiful face for many years to come, and maybe he can actually speak with his actual English accent since I am a huge fan of accents.

Plus don’t you love a man who can look gorgeous shirtless , roughed up, or in a suit? Charlie has all of that covered.

Hope this is a great start to your week!!!

Nick Jonas Performs ‘Jealous’ For EMAs 2014!

So what is hotter than a dry Nick Jonas? A soaking wet Nick Jonas singing a beautiful song, that is what! I was confused as to why he was performing in Miami when this was for the European music awards, but I will let it slide. How could I not with a performance like this? I think that Nick is really coming into his own since he is one of the hottest guys ever, yup. Maybe a tad bit dramatic but maybe not.

I wish he sang that ‘Chains’ song since I like that one way better, but hey this song will do too. I am not picky anymore when it comes to Nick Jonas. As long as he is on my television I am happy. The end.

Also his new album comes out tomorrow, you bet I will buy that shit right up!

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