13 Years Later: Remembering September 11th

“What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met.” – David Levithan

Thirteen years ago the world was completely rocked when the first plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City, then another plane hit, then two more, one at the Pentagon, and the other in an abandon field in Pennsylvania. The world watched in horror as these two towers full of innocent hard working people came toppling down to the streets below them. Of course people have their theories, they have their ideas about what truly happened but keep them to yourself together. Today is a day of remembrance, not to bring your conspiracy theories to the forefront to outshine the memorials that have been set up for today.

I was only ten when this tragedy occurred and at that time I truly had no idea what a terrorist was or what the magnitude of today meant. I was aware that it was bad, I knew that many people died and I knew that it happened close, considering it was in New York City and I lived just outside of Boston. All that I knew was that the country was under attack and that too many innocent people were paying the price for it. In today’s day and age children have been very unlucky to know what a terrorist is because they had their innocence stripped from them in some cases before they were even born.

I just wanted to write this up to take a moment to thank every single person who helped in the situation that happened thirteen years ago today. Whether they were an EMT, police officers, firefighters, or even a nameless hero that saved other people before themselves, thank you. From the journalists who put down their cameras to try and help to the clean up crews were there for hours upon hours trying to find bodies, trying to find remains of loved ones. I would also like to thank all of the military in all of the different branches of service who went to war to protect this country from more acts of terror.

To me today is more than just feeling angry or sad about what happened thirteen years ago. Of course there is that anger still there, the sadness of losing so many people but today we remember. We remember those heroes on that day and the days that followed the tragic day because let’s be honest, the smoke didn’t clear after 24 hours. It took days, weeks, and even months to truly get through all of the debris.

It is very clear that the terrorists were trying to bring us to our knees, trying to make America feel weak but instead like America was able to rise out of the ashes and become stronger.

I will never forget 9/11/01 and my thoughts are with everyone who has felt pain due to this date.

Taylor Swift Straight Up Hates Katy Perry

Still doing OK: The pair posed together at the 2011 American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles in November 2011

Taylor Swift believes Katy Perry is a thief … and we’ve learned that’s the basis of their feud.

The girl-on-girl war ignited when 3 of Taylor’s dancers jumped ship and joined Katy’s tour. Taylor felt betrayed because she became very close to the dancers and considered them family.
But here’s the thing. The 3 dancers had actually worked with Katy first, but when Katy’s tour ended several years ago they needed work. So they signed up as dancers during Taylor’s tour.
We’re told the dancers told Taylor up front … they did not want to sign for the full tour — they wanted a 30-day out, and we’re told it’s because they were just waiting for Katy to go back on tour.
When Katy hit the stage again, they gave their 30-day notice, but Taylor got so pissed off she fired them on the spot.
All of this went down a year ago but we’re told Taylor held a grudge, which boiled over when she wrote a song — “Bad Blood” — alluding to Katy screwing her over.
It’s turned into a full on war, with Taylor not-so-coyly talking about the alleged betrayal — and Katy responding on Twitter by calling Swift … Regina George in sheep’s clothing.

Well, well, well, look what we have here, just a typical celebrity feud that I can’t help but get enough of. Truthfully I dislike Katy Perry, always have and I always will. Let me catch you up to speed about this whole thing. Unless you have been living under a rock or don’t care about celebrity gossip you have heard about the whole Taylor Swift Rolling Stones magazine interview where she talks about straight up hating another female singer. When I first read that, I knew who it was. None other than Katy Perry, she is just the worst.
So about two days ago this story broke and almost immediately after Katy went out and sent out a cryptic tweet about how to “never trust a Regina George in sheep’s clothing”. Well shit Katy Perry, why not make it more obvious! Taylor at least left some mystery about the whole thing. Throwing that kind of shade is just a person looking for attention. Taylor said it in an interview, not a damn tweet.
I hope that this turns into an all out war with Katy just throwing shady tweet after shady tweet then Taylor outsells her by a billion dollars, that is my kind of fight.

Nick Jonas Releases New Track Called “Jealous”

Photo: Nick Jonas gets "Jealous" in new single. Listen: http://onair.rs/1qHdJJb

So my boyfriend Nick Jonas released a new single at midnight last night. It is called “Jealous” and apparently he got the inspiration when some guy was looking at his girlfriend’s ass, that was what he said at least. The song is pretty catchy, I don’t think it is nearly as good as “Chains” but that song was straight fire so it is hard to top that one!

What do you think about it? I think it actually shows off his vocal range which I have never really paid attention to before. I hate his use of the word ‘hellish” though, I think it is stupid, my personal opinion.

Ray Rice, Cut By Ravens & Suspended By The NFL

I will say that the way that Roger Goodall the commissioner of the NFL treated this whole Ray Rice debacle was absolutely disgusting. He now has a lot off of his shoulders now that the Baltimore Ravens have released him, simply because not many teams would want someone with this kind of reputation on their team. Well maybe they would, I never thought that Michael Vick would step on a football field again either.

As many people now know there was more footage released from the punch that lead to Ray Rice driving his then fiancee (now wife) out of an elevator as she was unconscious due to his blow. It shows him hit her once, her going to hit back, then him punching her and her hitting first a railing then hitting the floor of the elevator. The video is a bit hard to watch due to the nature of it but if you are interested in seeing the video here is the link. http://www.tmz.com/2014/09/08/ray-rice-cut-by-the-ravens/

Now I have a few questions for people who are so supportive of Ray Rice getting kicked out of the NFL for a season. I completely support this decisions but maybe it is time to take a step back and look at other people who have done well nearly the same thing. By other people I mean one person, Chris Brown. Ever since Chris Brown beat Rihanna back in 2009 I haven’t been able to stand him. Understandably people say to move on because he and Rihanna got back together a number of times but that doesn’t make what happened okay, right? I mean Janay still married Ray Rice.

I guess I don’t understand how people can hate Ray Rice and still have Chris Brown as their man crush Monday. That makes absolutely no sense in my opinion.

Just think about that last statement and realize that even though a woman marries someone or dates someone who beats them doesn’t make the action okay.

So bravo to the Ravens for dumping this monster and shame on Roger Goodall for taking so long to give this player an actual punishment.


Man Crush Monday: Ansel Elgort

I have some ideas that Ansel Elgort is going to be one of the biggest actors within the next five years. I like to think that for leading men it will be between him, Logan Lerman, and Miles Teller, just wait and see. For a while I have found Ansel pretty adorable but lately there has been a lot more press on him and well I am liking what I see. He seems like such a down to earth guy plus he killed it in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ plus his new movie ‘Men, Women, and Children’ looks like it will be incredible as well.

Just so you all know Ansel is a solid 20 years old so he is totally legal which makes this post not completely creepy, only slightly.

If you look at those little doe eyes, pouty lips, and perfect nose and you don’t swoon, I don’t understand you at all!

Hope you have a great Monday and Ansel put a smile on your face!

PS. Remember what I said about him being one of the biggest male leads within the next five years, it is going to happen. He can do drama, comedy, and he even did an action movie, so yeah he can do it all..


The Top Ten Hottest NFL Players To Welcome Football Season!

Alrighty so obviously it is football season and all the guys are pumped, and some girls are pumped for it to start back up! I for one can’t wait since I know that football involved hot football players, nachos of some sort, and usually alcohol! To get all of us riled up for football season here are the top ten hottest football players in the NFL!

10. Victor Cruz

Know why I like this guy? It is because he does a little dance every time that he gets a touchdown, his own little salsa like dance and I am about that life. If you want to go and do a dance after you get some points, you do that dance! Some stats on this man, he is 6’0″ and plays for the New York Giants!

9. Russell Wilson


So this is Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and he is adorable. Now he was the Superbowl MVP last season and apparently he is going to be really good this season too! I don’t know, I just over hear these things. Anyway, he looks like a little teddy bear and I love it!

8. Aaron Rogers

Now for a little while I thought that Aaron Rogers was one of the hottest guys on the planet, then I googled his name and realized I didn’t actually know who Aaron Rogers was. He is attractive for sure, reminds me of an old Jason Wahler from Laguna Beach. I will say I am a big fan of him when he is wearing a hat, so there you go! Also he is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, some facts right there for you!

7. Jay Cutler

You don’t just marry Laguna Beach’s ultimate bad girl Kristin Cavallari by being a good football player, you also have to be insanely attractive. Let me introduce you to Mr. Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler. Look at that jawline, that messy helmet hair, and those blue eyes. I see why you wanted to get with him Kristin, I appreciate your taste in men. Another quarterback, can ya believe it?

6.Miles Austin

Remember this guy? Miles Austin is famous for dating Kim Kardashian for about a minute and also for being a really good football player! Who would’ve known? Austin plays for the Dallas Cowboys and he is a receiver for the team, so that is cool. Anyway with those dreamy blue eyes and gorgeous smile, how can you go wrong?

5. Cam Newton

Cam Newton is an absolute babe for multiple reasons, but mostly, let’s just focus on that gorgeous smile he has going on right there. How can you not love that smile? Just another quarterback on this list, can’t go wrong with a team captain either. He plays for the Carolina Panthers and he is extremely attractive. Use that fact when your boyfriend asks if you know anything about football!

4. Mark Sanchez

I don’t know much about Mark Sanchez other than he is extremely attractive. I have heard that he isn’t the best quarterback in the world but hey, I don’t really care. Look at those hazel eyes, so cute. He was on the Jets but I guess he didn’t do well because now he is on the Eagles where maybe he will do better? It doesn’t matter, he is a hot version of Fez and that is all that matters.

3. Tom Brady

Just because Tommy boy was my man crush Monday that doesn’t mean that he automatically wins this contest of being hottest NFL player. He is one of the hottest, that is for sure but he is just tpo three in my opinion. Alright? Just because you win one week doesn’t make you the king! He really does win right? One of the best quarterbacks of all time, insanely attractive, and married to a billionaire super model? You basically win at life Tom.

2. Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush you are a God among men, that is all that needs to be said. I am also very happy he never married Kim Kardashian, just her look alike.

1. Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots and he is hotter than Tom Brady! You hear that? Everyone can be all in love with Brady and Gronkowski and I will just be over here loving Edelman because look at him. He kind of reminds me of a more manly David Beckham and I don’t hate it. In fact I love it. Those blue eyes, that scruff, his dimple chin, I love it all!

So there is your list of the most attractive NFL players in the league at the moment! I also hope that I gave you some helpful facts when you are forced to watch a game. Whip out some of that knowledge and you will blow some minds.

Comedy Pioneer Joan Rivers Dies At Age 81


In my humble opinion there are few people who were as real as late comedian Joan Rivers. Sure her face may have been fake but her humor was raw and it was unapologetic. That is one thing that not many people seem to realize when they think of Joan Rivers. Rivers, was one of the first female comedians to really make a name for themselves in comedy. She was rude, crude, and never apologized for a thing that she had said. Something that people well both loved and hated her for.

As sad as it is writing this blog I want people to realize that in a world that is constantly looking for apologies and must be so politically correct, Joan never played by those rules. She said whatever was on her mind and she would never take it back. Some people would say she was too harsh on the red carpet but she just simply said what everyone was thinking.

With awards season coming up the red carpet will not be the same without Joan’s input.

Joan thank you for being someone who I look up to and aspire to one day be like. Celebrities you got off very easy for this up and coming awards season!